My World

Finally made some time a few weeks ago to take my own babies over to the Studio House (which by the way, is the most amazing little spot to shoot…loved my time there!!) and get some shots of them for our Christmas cards this year. I had a vision and went in to it totally with the mindset that I may end up with nothing. I mean….4 kids is a lot of work! So, I armed myself with bribes and their auntie (my baby sister!) and off we went. Surprisingly, in the 30 minutes that I shot them…I ended up with all of this. And more! Loved so many and it was hard to cull it down to share some on the blog….and so….you get a ton! Anyway, just wanted to share these sweet shots of the 4 littles that make my world go round. And I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!! <3

Baby Emmie& Baby Foster

Ohhh…..the sweet Null family!! Such a special couple and family! Been shooting them for almost 5 years and life just gets sweeter and sweeter with each one. This session was a long awaited one….and I was just so excited to finally meet these sweet babies. And I was just so honored to be the one behind the lens capturing them as they became a family of FIVE with the addition of their precious miracle babes, Emmie and Foster. I got to visit them in their home first to capture some lifestyle family shots and some of big brother Hawkins who by the way simple ADORES his babies. The sweetest big brother for sure! <3 Then they came to visit me in my home studio for some posed shots as well. Loved my time with them and I just can’t wait to watch this beautiful duo grow up this year!
This share is going to be a long one….but there was just no way I could hold back so much goodness. This is just a small taste of all that we were able to capture!

The McCormick Family

I know that I have said this time and time again, but I seriously adore the sweet McCormick family. Been with me since the beginning (5+ years ago!) and their sessions just get better and better….and sweeter and sweeter. Always a joy having them in front of my lens!!

The Whitlock Family

Spent most of this session laughing with this sweet mama…..seriously makes for the best session. Loved having Melissa and her 2 beautiful kiddos in front of my lens this past month! Dad couldn’t make it to the session last minute, but we made the best of it and I love so many of the shots that came from that sweet afternoon. Such a beautiful bunch! <3

The Seymour Family

Loved my time with the sweet Seymour family! Super cute boys and just a beautiful family who rocked their session and were done in less than an hour. Can’t beat that! Here are a few from their session.

F a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t
H o w   t o   B o o k
S u b s c r i b e